Prepare for the Next World War or Pandemic...

Learn The Survival Tactics & Medical Knowledge You Need to Protect Your Family In Any Disaster - From the Wilderness to Daily Life

Prepare for the Next World War or Pandemic...

Learn The Survival Tactics & Medical Knowledge You Need to Protect Your Family In Any Disaster - From the Wilderness to Daily Life

Emergencies Happen When You Least Expect Them.

It only takes one snowstorm, prolonged power-outage, hurricane, or forest fire to realize how dependent we are on external systems. You want to enjoy adventures and make memories with your family without the risk of a fatal disaster or medical emergency. You want to know your family is protected when danger strikes or a challenge presents itself. Waiting for outside help can leave you feeling hopeless when your family's welfare is on the line.

Your training and preparation can be the difference between life and death.

Imagine having the survival skills and medical knowledge to calmly handle life’s unexpected and unavoidable challenges. To be able to safely and successfully manage medical emergencies, common injuries, and illnesses under pressure. To be the true guardian of your family, a beacon of hope and strength when your family needs it most.

The Adventurer’s Lifeline was created for you.

Whether you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, novice family adventurer, seasoned explorer, or somewhere in between, you MUST be prepared to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in an unexpected emergency.

The Adventurer’s Lifeline combines the Guardians’ Legacy Program and the Guardians’ Legacy Circle to provide you with the knowledge, expert support, and community you need to stay safe in the wild. It’s your path to building and honing survival skills and medical knowledge so you can turn a potential tragedy into a story of triumph and resilience.

The Guardians’ Legacy Program was designed to help you continuously build upon what you learn so you can handle any emergency situation with independence and confidence. You will learn skills needed to survive 24 hours, 72 hours, and beyond 2 weeks in the wilderness and thrive in the face of unexpected danger or disaster. You will be able to enjoy adventures in the great outdoors knowing you and your family are protected when challenges arise.

The Guardians’ Legacy Circle is a private community of people like you - adventurers on their journey to becoming more resilient, prepared, and confident guardians!

You can hold the knowledge and skills needed to navigate dangerous situations and protect your family.

Are you ready to be the guardian of your family and gain the knowledge you need to thrive in unexpected situations?

Meet Dr. Teimojin Tan

Not Your Typical Survival Instructor

Dr. Teimojin Tan is a Doctor, Veteran, Survivalist, and the Founder of Survival Doctors®. Dr. Tan draws on a unique perspective from his time in the Canadian Army specializing in Cold Weather Warfare, his medical training in Acute Care and Wilderness Medicine, and his personal survival experiences, including being homeless.

As a practicing Emergency Room Doctor trained in Wilderness Medicine, Dr. Tan has worked in a broad range of areas from clinics, to hospitals, operation rooms, and expeditions.

You may also recognize him from Season 9 of The History Channel’s hit survival series “ALONE” where he survived 63 days alone in the wet and cold Subarctic of Labrador, Canada with just 10 basic items.

When standard curriculums end at getting victims to the hospital, Dr, Tan is dedicated to teaching you how to prevent, manage, protect, and endure when help is not on the way.

Protect and Prepare Your Family

Dr. Tan designed The Guardians’ Legacy Program as your family’s guide to wilderness survival and medical preparedness so you can ensure your loved ones’ safety in nearly any situation. He created the Guardians’ Legacy Circle as your community lifeline.

If you want to build an unbreakable spirit that can inspire others and lead them through any hardship, this community is for you.

Dr. Tan is committed to helping outdoor enthusiasts and family adventurers prepare for medical emergencies in survival situations. He knows that this information is transformative as it has changed his life and the lives of many others.

He is so eager to get this knowledge into your hands that he has included several free gifts and a 30-day money back guarantee so there is no risk to you!

Don’t pass up your opportunity to learn the survival skills and medical knowledge you need to protect yourself and your family!

What The Other Students Are Saying About Dr. Tan...

"I was nervous coming into this course. Survival prep is not something I'm comfortable with. However, all the learning, instructors and simulations made me feel ready for an emergency in the field."

"It was so much fun and I learned countless ways to start fires, and take care of myself and others in emergency situations while hiking or camping. I feel so much more prepared to go out into the wild on my own or with my family and friends. You should try it out!

"Dr. Tan seemed to be always delighted to teach and I felt very engaged during any lesson he gave. At first, I was very scared of the medical part but he made me feel supported. We were encouraged to ask a lot of questions and that gave me courage for the whole course. His presence and guidance in the scenarios calmed me down very much. with Dr. Tan, I got the feeling his students' well-being and their ability to thrive meant everything to him."

Here is everything you get with the Adventurer’s Lifeline!

Here is everything you get with the Adventurer’s Lifeline!

Guardians' Legacy Program: Your Family's Guide to Wilderness Survival and Medical Preparedness
​($3997 Value)

The Guardians' Legacy Program was born from Dr. Teimojin Tan’s unique experiences – a blend of raw survival encounters and refined medical practice. It's about prioritizing what's essential, building a robust foundation, and then layering on complexity and depth. This curriculum is packed to the brim with wilderness survival and medical strategies to ensure your safety in nearly any situation!

​Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll learn inside The Guardians’ Legacy Program:

  • Trip and Emergency Planning
  • Navigation with Map & Compass
  • Building Your Survival Kit
  • ​Your Survival Priorities
  • Essential Skills to Survive Your First 24 Hours
  • ​Safety in Wilderness Settings
  • Building Your Trauma First-Aid Kit
  • Preventing, Evaluating, and Treating Common Injuries and Illnesses in the Wild
  • Systematically Evaluating, Treating, Stabilizing, and Evacuating True Medical Emergencies 
  • ​And so MUCH more!

Guardians' Legacy Circle: Your Community Lifeline for Connection & Support​ ($97 Monthly Value)

Connect with other outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous families and learn from each other’s challenges, successes, and innovations. Maybe you’ll even find adventurer’s near you! Where else can you find people that are ‘the right kind of crazy’?!

This is also a connection point to Dr. Tan so you can get answers to your burning questions about the course, wilderness medicine, survival, and more!

​Seriously, the community alone is worth the price of admission here. I can't wait for you to join, connect, and share your story!

Campfire Q&A Sessions: Talk through complex topics, get your burning questions answered, and deepen your knowledge ​($147 Monthly Value)

Cozy up to the campfire for our LIVE Q&A sessions! Not fully grasping a concept? Struggling with practicing a survival technique? Have a question that isn’t covered in the course? This is your opportunity to get the support you need from Dr. Tan and your fellow adventurer’s!


We know this information saves lives.

To further our mission, we are giving you even more access to wilderness survival materials…completely free!

This is our gift to you as you embark on your Guardians’ Legacy Journey!

Your Free Gifts Include:

The Unreleased 3rd Edition of Dr. Tan’s Survival Medicine Field Guide to help you avoid common, life-threatening mistakes while discovering proven strategies to prevent and overcome injury and illness in the wild.

Lesson Summaries - Powerful, concise summaries designed to give you the knowledge you need instantly when a life is on the line.

Useful Checklists & Quick Reference Guides to help you plan and pack for adventure knowing you have the essential survival and medical skills needed to thrive! These include:

  • Survival Gear Checklist
  • First-Aid Kit Checklist
  • Adventure Planning Checklist
  • Wound Care in Wilderness Settings
  • Map & Compass Quick Start
  • And so many more!

Can you believe you get ALL of this life-saving information plus the support of our incredible community of like-minded adventurers for ONLY $47/MONTH?!

That’s right! For a limited time, we are offering the Adventurer’s Lifeline for only $47/MONTH!
For less than a tank of gas, you can protect yourself and your family!

Say YES! To the Adventurer's Lifeline & Start Today!
So, What Are You Waiting For?

Is This Training Right For Me?

We work with a wide range of people - some are young and preparing for their first solo adventure, others are seasoned outdoor enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge and skills, and we often have students who have no outdoor or medical experience! 

But one thing ALL of our students have in common - They want to be capable and confident to lead when an emergency happens and help is not on the way. 

Do you have someone who you care about and want to protect them at all cost? If yes, the chances are this training is exactly what you are looking for.

JOIN TODAY if you want peace of mind when sharing beautiful moments in nature with the ones you love.

Do you want to become a protector who your family looks up to?

But what if I don't have...


 Go through our SELF-PACED video lessons, Class REPLAYS, or read our Field Guides on your own time! 


 You will learn exactly what to buy, where to get it, and how to improvise when having limited resources or a tight budget!


Where else can you get life-saving value for $47 per month? You are worth it and so is your family. We guarantee it! If you don’t see the value in this program in the first 30 days, we will provide a full refund.



This $47/month offer is only available for a very limited time. The price will go up to $97/month in the next phase of development.

Lock in your HALF PRICE MEMBERSHIP before it’s too late!

Ready to start your training TODAY to make a difference in someone's life TOMORROW?

"Do you have a guarantee?"

You Bet. We Have You Covered!

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the life-saving power of this information so much that we back it with a 30-day guarantee. Give the Guardians’ Legacy Program and Guardians’ Legacy Circle Community a chance for 30 days. If you don’t see the value of your transformation, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

5- Star Reviews

Here is a recap of everything you get with the Adventurer’s Lifeline!

Here is a recap of everything you get with the Adventurer’s Lifeline!

  • Guardians' Legacy Program .............................................................................. ($3997 Value)
  • Guardians'​ Legacy Circle Community​...........,................​................. ($97 Monthly Value)
  • Access to LIVE Campfire "Breakout" Sessions...............​................................. ($147 Value)
  • The Guardians' Legacy Program ($3997 Value)
  • The Guardians' Legacy Circle Community ​($97 Monthly Value)
  • ​​Access to LIVE Campfire "Breakout" Sessions ($147 Value)

And don't forget your free gifts!

BONUS! Survival Medicine Field Guide, 3rd Edition ($47 Value)

BONUS! Survival Medicine Field Guide, 3rd Edition ........................... ($47 Value)

BONUS! Lesson Summaries ($197 Value)

BONUS! Lesson Summaries ....................................................................... ($197 Value)

BONUS! Adventure Planning Checklist ($47 Value)

BONUS! Survival Gear Checklist and Recommendations ($97 Value)

BONUS! Survival Gear Checklist and Recommendations ................... ($97 Value)

BONUS! First-Aid Kit Checklist ($97 Value)

BONUS! First-Aid Kit Checklist ................................................................... ($97 Value)

BONUS! Wound Care in the Wilderness Guide ($47 Value)


BONUS! Adventure Planning Checklist .................................................... ($47 Value)

BONUS! Wound Care in the Wilderness Guide .................................................... ($47 Value)

BONUS! STOP THE BLEED GUIDE .......................................... ($97 Value)

BONUS! Map & Compass Quick Start ($97 Value)

BONUS! Map & Compass Quick Start ....................................................... ($97 Value)

Total Value: $4,967


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this membership really worth it?

A: YES! You are literally getting 6 courses bundled into one - Basic Survival, Intermediate Survival, Advanced Survival, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, and Wilderness Medicine. Each course on their own ranges from $997 to $4000, a total value of over $12,297 (and that’s only for 1 person training, not the whole family)!

Q: Do I need to buy new equipment to practice these survival skills?

A: No, we will teach you the concepts and skills needed to survive so you can modify your existing clothes, tools, and supplies. By the end of the training you will know how to walk into the woods naked and capable of making all the tools you need to thrive.

Q: Do I need a new first aid kit?

A: Though there are certain items that I do recommend you buy directly from official vendors, like a tourniquet, pressure bandages, hemostatic agents, and chest seals, there are other items that can be bought from any vendor (including first-aid kits you already have).

Q: Do you sell any survival or medical equipment?

A: We do not sell equipment yet. But are currently working with several companies to provide both medical and survival gear to our students as part of their membership.

Q: Can I book private lessons and survival training with Dr. Tan?

A: Yes, you can email Dr. Tan directly at for any custom requests. Also, there will be options in the future to opt-in to weekend training sessions and weeklong expeditions with Dr. Tan and his inner-circle instructors.

Q: Will I really be able to perform medical and survival tasks without having someone guiding me in person?

A: You will get to see techniques from different angles via video but also have an opportunity to submit your videos for direct feedback from Dr. Tan and other instructors to ensure you are performing all the tasks correctly. Any questions you may have may also be answered during our live Q&A sessions too!

Q: Can I share my membership access with the rest of my family?

A: YES! We encourage you to complete the course with your family and membership is made for parents and their children.

Q: Do I get any official certifications with this course?

A: Members will be able to get their Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification at no additional cost upon completion of the relevant medical modules and scoring over 70% on the written test. We are also looking at getting more certifications for our students that will be included with their membership.

Q: Why is this program so expensive?

A: This course curriculum is actually a fraction of the in-person course costs and allows students to revisit topics and access Dr. Tan’s expertise indefinitely. Our weekend in-person training is $997 and typically do not offer monthly payment programs. This membership allows you access to over $10,000 of knowledge and training for only $97/mo ($47 for founding members!) and even less with yearly pricing.

Q: How long does it take to complete the training?

A: Each milestone is modeled off of our in-person training courses. Some milestones, like our “Scout” survival training, are 4 days in-person with about 12 hours a day of content and exercises, while others like our Survival Medicine curriculum can take 7-10 days, studying and practicing 12 hours a day. Thus, the very motivated student may be able to get through a new milestone in 4-10 days if they were to study and practice the whole day. A good pace to go for is 4-6 modules (4-8 hours) a month with dedicated practice, which could take students several months to complete the whole curriculum.

Q: Do I need prior outdoor skills training or medical training? Will some of the concepts just fly over my head?

A: No! Whether you are experienced or just getting ready for your first outdoor adventure, this curriculum is meant to give you the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to survive and save lives in any environment.

Q: Do you offer continuing medical education credits (CME)?

A: This is something that we are working on for our medical professionals and will be offering retrospectively!

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